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Odanadi Sweden organizes lectures for people of all ages at music festivals all over Sweden, in schools and at feminist team-building events. We have organized fund-raising parties in Gothenburg during the years to raise awareness about Odanadi’s work. We are inviting more people to sign up for membership and to collect money resources that will go directly to the rehabilitation work Odanadi does for children, young men and women that survived human trafficking and sexual abuse. Odanadi Sweden had it first article published in the magazine Brand, and now we are in contact with other magazines to publish more information about Odanadi.During 2016 new members joined us from our neighbour country Norway and we thank Zensu and Earth Goddess Symphony for your support!


Odanadi Sweden 2017 – You find all the updates about our events in our Facebook group: Odanadi Sweden


We want to share what we have been up to recently. So far in the new year 2017, there was a support party in February, where we managed to collect around 800 euros, we are very grateful for all the time and energy you have contributed! On March 5th yoga mats were rolled out across the whole earth to show solidarity with all those who work with and live in Odanadi. Yoga Stops Traffick was organized in Sweden for the third time, including Gothenburg and Malmö.

Upcoming member meeting: Tuesday, March 28 in Gothenburg hour 19:00 at the café Condeco / Götgatan 14. We welcome old and new members to meet and exchange ideas and to create new plans!

Are you interested of travelling to Odanadi in India or want to engage in activities in Sweden? You are more than welcome to contact us!
For further information, contact Sara Kelilnejad.
Telephone: 0046733821291
E-mail: odanadisweden@hotmail.com
Facebook: Odanadi Sweden

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