Odanadi 2.0

Our story


My name is Sarah. I spent nine weeks at Odanadi during the spring of 2013 as a student and volunteer where I learned much about India’s culture, religions, caste system, family structures, human trafficking and the patriarchy. When I returned to Sweden, I launched Odanadi Sweden.

At the beginning of my time at Odanadi I tried to absorb the new experiences. When I understood more of Odanadi’s structure, operation and needs, I started taking initiatives. I set up a workshop making ​​dreamcatchers with residents and now dreamcatchers are available for sale to provide economic support. It was calming for many of the participants to be creative. In another project I worked on together with the staff, we tried various group activities with the residents. We organized various games, talked about positive and negative thoughts / feelings about Odanadi and group meditation. All ideas are received with an open mind at Odanadi.

One of Odanadi Sweden’s goals is to encourage more people to join the work against human trafficking and sexual abuse in Sweden and/or travel to work as volunteers at Odanadi in India.