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 Every day in India, young people are lured away from their homes by criminal trafficking networks. In the hands of traffickers, children are sold, exploited and robbed of their childhoods. Many will end up on the brothels, on the streets and living on the margins of society.

Our Vision:
is a world where no person is sold, trafficked, exploited.
We aim to put an end to the spiralling abuse of human rights. We believe that childhood is sacred, human bodies are not a commodity and that every woman and child deserves a voice.
Our Mission:
We at Odanadi UK recognise that through our fundraising and awareness-raising projects we are supporting Odanadi India in its crucial work in the field of prevention, rescue and rehabilitation.

About Odanadi UK:

Odanadi UK was by a group of dedicated British volunteers with a common interest in working together to combat human trafficking. We have successfully raised funds and awareness for our partner organisation in India and we are now proud to contribute 30% of Odanadi’s core running costs.
In addition to our ever-expanding raft of UK activities, we also offer strategic and capacity building support to our sister organisation. We have hosted a range of high profile events in venues such as The House of Lords and the Museum of London. Among our well-known supporters are British MP Virendra Sharma and ethical fashion designer Katharine Hamnett.
Our loyal UK supporters give regular monthly donations, providing a crucial stream of unrestricted funding for Odanadi’s two rehabilitation centres in Mysore. Every month our donors help pay for necessities such as food, clothing, school fees, medical expenses, psychotherapists and educational staff. As we all know, sadly the issue of human trafficking is of growing global concern.



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