Odanadi 2.0

Prevention and advocacy


Odanadi has a long history of encouraging stake holdership to create social responsibility in the society. Advocates, painters, writers, students, media persons, police, doctors, ngo’s and community organisations have become a part of this peoples movement.


Within our prevention programme we have selected 120 villages to create vigilance committees. These pioneering committees promote literacy, women’s empowerment, and awareness around issues such a human trafficking, child marriage, religious prostitution (Devadasi system) and domestic violence. The commitees meet once a month and are headed by politically elected members of the village, grassroots employers from the women and child department, teachers, youth clubmembers, health workers and members of the women federation. The concept of social vigilance within the village has been promoted to protect the interest of women and children. Through these commitees we have educated and empowered thousands of individuals in some of South India’s most disadvantaged rural communities. To sustain these commitees we conduct various social economical and cultural programmes from time to time.


Through the years Odanadi have conducted many succesfull advocacy campaigns. We raise awareness through an ongoing programme of events and meetings with local NGOs, police, judiciary and other stakeholders, covering issues such as intervention, rehabilitation, the law and how to improve intelligence gathering about traffickers. Odanadi has initiated a network called NAT-K (Network Against Trafficking Karnataka) to unite organisations and professional experts. Through quarterly consultations and workshops we encourage cooperation and increased knowledge.