Odanadi 2.0



Our two rehabilitation centres in Mysore house up to 150 young men, women and children at any time. Every resident has a different story to tell: many have been rescued from the hands of brothel owners and sex traffickers, others are the children of prostituted women, are rape victims, or are rescued from abusive homes, child marriages or domestic slavery.

Our nationally recognized in-house rehabilitation model includes:

Shelter and security: The girls home ( Madilu) and boys home (Odalu) provide in the need of a safe and secure home for the women, girls and boys.


Psycho-social intervention: We use yoga, karate, kung fu, art and drama therapy, acupuncture, traditional dance, sports, counseling and adventure programmes to build residents’ confidence and gain physical and mental strength again. With these powerfull tools we help them to overcome the trauma’s they have experienced and prepare them to face mainstream society as strong, confident, empowered individuals.


Education: Our aim is to meet and encourage the possibilities, ambitions, talents and qualities of each individual at Odanadi through making informal, formal and even higher education possible.


Social economical programmes: Through founding social enterprises and conducting vocational training programmes we encourage and promote young people to become economically independent and take a place in the society. We have conducted many succesfull initiatives, like a bakery training, a driving training, and a beauty training institute, called Manavi.