Odanadi 2.0

Odanadi at ICYTR

On 6 and 7 may Odanadi Netherlands will be attending the international conference on yoga therapy and research. The International Conference on Yoga Therapy and Research (ICYTR) is the first Dutch international conference dedicated to bridging the worlds of yoga and health care and offering a clearer view of the potential of Yoga Therapy in the medical environment. During this Conference experts and the audience from different parts of the world will be discussing the topic ‘Yoga Therapy in a medical environment: different perspectives’ contributing to ICYTR’s mission to help pave the way for yoga to become a widely recognized, client based and holistic intervention in health care.

At Odanadi we experience the importance of yoga everyday. ICYTR offers Odanadi a stage to raise awareness about Odanadi’s work,Yoga Stops Traffick and show the importance of yoga for the children and women at Odanadi.
We are really happy to share our work here and learn even more how health care and yoga can help to improve our work.
For those who are interested in joining this conference, please visit this website for more information.