Odanadi 2.0


26 years ago Odanadi founders Stanly and Parashuram, were young  news reporters on a local Mysore newspaper, when a chance meeting with a prostituted woman called Radhamma, changed their lives forever…

‘We will never forget the moment Radhamma asked us, “Do you think any woman would choose this life?” We discovered that many women were trading sex in exchange for a bowl of rice to feed their children – not through choice. Her words haunted us for days. We couldn’t shake the feeling that we should be trying to help give these women and their children the chance of a better future – and Odanadi blossomed from there. We helped Radhamma to come out prostitution and gave her economical and moral support. She became a women’s right campaigner. Sadly, she died of HIV, but her work changed the lives of many women.


This path we’ve chosen hasn’t been easy, but the prevention of human suffering is a global concern – regardless of geographical boundaries, class, caste or colour. Our live has taught us that reaching out to another human being is the greatest happiness.’


Stanly & Parashuram


For more information please read this article in The Guardian.

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