14 May 2012

YST 1012 raises over £37k!

Boy laughing Group shot of sun salutations Boy playing aeroplane game

Our third annual Yoga Stops Traffick on 10th March 2012 was a huge success, raising £37,000 and counting!

2,980 of you partcipated in 133 events in 27 countries, an amazing testament to the power of yoga (which literally means to unite) to bring people together across the world to help fight human trafficking. 

Stanly, one of Odanadi's founders, sent this message: "Yoga Stops Traffick has become a powerful event internationally. If every individual becomes yogi in the real sense, if people start respecting the fellow human being, then problems like human trafficking, exploitation, slavery and bonded labour, all these problems will vanish. Thanks, yoga community!"

Thank you to the thousands of you who rolled out your mats to make YST 2012 our biggest and best yet! 


You can watch YST 2012 and Stanly's message here

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