Marginal Voices is an original project initiated by Odanadi UK, created for women who have been trafficked into prostitution and domestic slavery. Through the medium of interactive theatre, participants are taught basic performance skills and given the opportunity tell their stories in their own words. What makes this project so unique is that it aims to enable former victims to position themselves as experts: transforming traumatic experiences into positive change.

It began in December 2009, with 10 women from nine countries, all of whom had been trafficked into the UK and were supported by the POPPY Project. There have since been two further training periods, during which artistic director Caryne Chapman Clark has helped the participants rediscover their voices and reconnect to the person they were before they were trafficked.

Each phase culminated in participants' showcasing highlights of the work, demonstrating the power of Marginal Voices to transform the lives of its participants, and also raise awareness about human trafficking among its audiences.

To view a powerful short film made by Riposte Pictures charting the first phase of the project, click here:

For more more information on exciting new developments, click here

Marginal Voices particpant in face mask Marginal Voices memory circle Marginal Voices hands reaching up
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